HBL PSL 2020 Will Honour Pakistani Cricketing Legends In Ceremony!

HBL PSL 2020 Will Honour Pakistani Cricketing Legends In Ceremony!

The PCB has decided to honor unsung heroes of Pakistan, for their achievements on both, on-field and off-field performances. PCB has left the list to the people of Pakistan, as they have uploaded a form on their website for people to submit suggestions.

History of Cricket in Pakistan

Pakistan has a profound history when it comes to cricket. We have had the best players on-field, each capable enough to take our breath away. There are many unsung heroes which come to our mind, keeping in mind, these cricketers have not been celebrated.

Furthermore, many cricketers, for example, Shahid Afridi, Wasim Akram, and of course our Prime Minister, Imran Khan are quite renowned. They have a huge fan base and charismatic personalities have a grip on our hearts that no one could let loose.

However, there are many heroes which have not been renowned for their good work, on the field. There are many cricketers who have done great on the field, made records and set standards for youngsters to follow.

Who Could Be The PCB Honoring?

We’re pretty sure that there are several cricketers who have devoted their lives to cricket and serving the people of Pakistan. Since we can not talk about each and every one of these amazing personas.

However, we are honoring 5 cricketers who have high chances to be honored by PCB.

Saleem Malik

Saleem Khan

Source: Parhlo

The charismatic batsman, Saleem Malik knew his way around the bat. He is known to be one of the most ferocious batsmen ever. He has 7170 runs in  ODIs and 5768 runs in test along with 92 wickets. What an all-rounder!

Younis Khan

Source: Parhlo

Younis Khan retired in 2015, making sure that the Pakistani cricket team is not held back by his shortcomings. However, as a kid, whenever I saw his getting ready for the field, I knew that this guy will somehow save our team and he never seemed to disappoint me.

Rana Naveed-ul-Hasan

Source: cricbuzz

Who else remembers Rana smashing Yuvraj with massive sixes, hurting Singh’s ego as he slew the entire Pakistani cricket team to the ground. Rana didn’t have a big fan in certainly the most unsung hero, as he was compared to the likes of Salman Butt.

Mohammad Yousuf

Source: Parhlo

The one and only, Muhammad Yousuf, a converted Muslim, who waged war against the opponent team. He was one of the best performers when the Pakistani team was not doing so well in the World Cup. Mohammad Yousif was known for his unique style, coming 3rd down, to save the score.

Saeed Anwar

Source: Dawn

An all-rounder, Saeed Anwar ex-captain of Pakistani team has an outstanding record of 8824 runs in ODIs and 4421 runs in tests. Saeed slow-left arm spinner was an exceptional bowler, definitely an unsung hero. Saeed Anwar holds an engineering degree from NED University, Karachi. Anwar is considered to be one of a few Pakistani batsmen who deserved more fame.

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