Hayat Baloch Case: FC Man Sentenced To Death For Killing Turbat Student In Front Of His Parents

hayat baloch fc man sentenced death

A local court in Balochistan on Wednesday sentenced a Frontier Corps (FC) man to death for killing a student Hayat Baloch. Hayat Mirza Baloch was shot dead by FC sepoy Shadiullah on August 13, last year, after a bomb blast in the area. The family of the deceased finally gets justice.

Hayat Baloch was killed by the FC man who is now sentenced to death. The incident happened in the Absar area of Turbat city of Kech district in front of his parents while working with them in a date orchard. He was a BS Physiology student at the University of Karachi and was shaking hands with his parents when the incident occurred.

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The deceased, who had gone to Turbat as his university was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, had received eight bullets, resulting in his instant death. Security forces then launched a search operation in the area. During the operation, FC Sepoy Shadiullah caught Baloch and killed him after tying his hands to his back.

Inspector General of Frontier Corps (South) had taken notice of the incident and ordered an investigation into the matter. Later, the FC man was handed over to the police for legal proceedings. Moreover, the police also registered a case against the accused on the complaint of Murad Mirza Baloch, the elder brother of the deceased.

The FC inspector general had visited Baloch’s house after the tragic incident that sparked widespread outrage. He had assured the family of justice.

FC man sentenced to death

After arresting Sepoy Shadiullah, police filed a challan against him in the District and Sessions Court. Turbat’s District and Sessions Judge Rafiq Langove on Wednesday pronounced the judgment after completing the hearing of the case in the presence of the accused. Advocate Jareen Dashti represented the family of the deceased in the case.

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In addition to this, the court sentenced the accused to death after convicting him under Section-302 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). The parents of the slain student had testified in court, identifying the accused during the identification parade. The accused had also confessed to the crime before a magistrate.

It must be noted that the parents of the deceased recognized the accused during the identification parade. The accused also confessed to his crime in his statement recorded under Section-64 by a magistrate.

Even though the culprit has now been sentenced to death, the gruesome murder of Baloch is the epitome of lawlessness in Pakistan. Sadly!

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