In Naya Pakistan, You Can Have Your Dream Wedding At The Prime Minister House Just Like This Couple Did!

So every day, the internet has something to talk about. It could be about a celebrity, a political fiasco or even a national occurrence. Today, we are talking about something related slightly with politics and lifestyle; something which went viral on the internet last night.

Having this said, there was a time when Imran Khan stated that the Prime Minister House of Pakistan will be soon changed into a university for those who cannot afford to be enrolled in the fancy, private universities. Everyone loved that idea.

So let’s move on to what Pakistanis are mad about today.

Here’s What Happened: Military Secretary to Prime Minister Imran Khan Had his Daughter’s Wedding

Daughter of Brigadier Waseem Iftikhar Cheema got married last night with full charm and glam.

Prime Minister Imran Khan Was Spotted in the Pictures of the Wedding As Well

President Arif Alvi Was There Too

Well, its just a wedding, right? Nothing newsworthy here. Weddings happen. Political officials are allowed to attend weddings too, right? But do you know the venue of the wedding? It was the Prime Minister’s house. Yep, that’s right.

Here’s the Picture of the Wedding Card Floating All Over the Internet

Venue: Polo Ground, Gate No. 7, Prime Minister House, Islamabad.

So As Soon As the Pictures of the Wedding and the Card Went On Social Media, Pakistanis Weren’t Happy At All

Here We Go Again




Ye Bhi Hai 

Shahid Khaqan Did It First!

So what do you think? Was this something that should have been done? Share with us what you think!

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