The Horrifying Stories Reported At Makli Qabristan In Sindh Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

Pakistan’s history is well-documented and we almost know everything there is about this great country. Pakistan is placed on a prominent region in the subcontinent whose history goes way beyond the 70 odd years of its existence.

But there is another historical site that needs its story to be told. Situated in interior Sindh near the city of Thatta lays one of the biggest graveyards in the world. Known as Makli, this necropolis stretches over 10 kilometers of land is home to over 1 million graves dated back to over 400 years old.

This ancient site has many royals and Sufi saints and esteemed scholars buried in its ranks. Considered as an outstanding testament to Sindhi civilization, the site was inscribed as Unesco world heritage site in 1981.

The history behind its name “Makli” is also very interesting. As the legend goes many many years ago a hajj pilgrim stopped at the site and found a sense of spiritual uplift amidst its walls, declaring the site as Makkah for him. The Sufi Saint Sheikh Hamad Jamali upon hearing this story gave the name “Makli” or “Little Makkah” to the site.

Over 400 years of history related to this place, Makli is also considered to be the scariest/haunted places in Pakistan. Known as the “City of the dead”, the stories related to this place are out of this world. The graveyard is filled with scary and haunted encounters of the locals and even some tourists as well.

Let’s start, shall we?

1. The noisy children

There are many folks and stories about this place among the locals one of which is the story of a guard. It is said that a new guard had just been hired for the night shift and on the first day, he encountered some strange occurring. While he was sitting at his post, he heard the sounds of some children playing in the distance. The walls of the graveyard are very high and no one could enter that easily. He went to have a look but could not find anything. The sounds, however, did not stop so they went on becoming clearer. The guard, in a state of frenzy, had to run away from his post, and never to return again.

2. The rising child

Another account comes also from a guard who experienced an even more terrifying encounter than the last one. According to the guard, while he was on his routine walk around the graveyard, soon after Maghrib, he saw a child coming out from one of the graves. The story does not end there. The child slowly turned into an old man before vanishing in front of his own eyes. Everything happened in a matter of mere seconds and before he could even move, the old man had vanished.

3. The ghost of the red bride

The ghost of the red bride is another story which is discussed among the locals. Many people have said that they have encountered the red bride in one way or the other. The story of the red bride is turning in to an urban legend as there have been accounts of noises being heard of a woman weeping and then crying loudly. The sounds become more prominent during midnight.

There are many stories legends and other folk tales that are resonated to this place which reflect its importance throughout history.  The architecture of the tombs and graves give an essence of the Sindhi culture and its incredible history.

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