These 10 Sinister Signs Confirm That Your Own House Is Haunted!

Isn’t it the biggest Achilles heel to find out your own house is haunted? I mean, your beloved home is a safe haven from the cruel, dangerous world out there. It is the place where you come to relax and be yourself. You cannot live the same anywhere else than your home. You may never have the same level of comfort elsewhere. No matter how big and lavish or small and shabby your place is, you can have the best time at the place you call your “home”.

So guys, keeping that in mind, isn’t it absolutely horrible to find out that your own beloved home, your dwelling cave and your comfort hub is occupied by the supernatural beings? Just writing this thought is giving me an absurd feeling; just imagine how would those people actually feel like who know that their own home is supernaturally haunted. On the flipside, you cannot be very sure about it but you may just match and notice a few things and conclude to some extent that you and your family aren’t the only people living there!

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Here’s how you can confirm that your own house is haunted…

1. If you hear crockery and dishes cracking in the middle of the night

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THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN! Waking up in the middle of the night to nature’s call or something and hearing some strange cracking noise far in the kitchen. Nobody went in, not even your cat or anything, while the noise was pretty clear as if something physically moved it against a hard surface. Not only you’d end up wetting your bed but the following thoughts bombarding your mind would be worst.

2. If your possessions keep getting missing from your home

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You can’t find stationary in the pen holder. You put your necklace safe in that drawer. Your concert tickets that you bought last night went missing. Where did they go? Mostly, people aren’t surrounded by immature family members or children who’d play pranks which are pretty clear whom they are actually surrounded by…

3. If you feel somebody is constantly watching you where ever you go or there are more reflections than yours on your laptop/phone screen


Your stare is focused, you are trying to keep your mind on one thing and all of a sudden you feel like somebody is watching you. You look everywhere and there’s no one. That’s where the adrenaline rush makes you really uncomfortable. The cold and frightening sensation follows a thought that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. In other cases, you’re binging your favorite show or staying up late to complete leftover office work and suddenly you spot a reflect beside yours on your laptop screen. DEAD

4. If you feel somebody is pulling your hair while you’re asleep


Girls mostly relate to this one. It must be very soothing to keep your lustrous hair open while you’re asleep only to find out somebody’s pulling them from the other side.

5. You may hear muffled cries and whispers

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Walking the aisle, doing the dishes or whatever in your beautiful home, while you hear a strange noise or whisper in your ear. You could well make up the fact that there was a strange activity but you cannot seem to understand how it happened. This is where you need to realize that there’s somebody out there.

6. If there are strange smells and you cannot tell where they are coming from


Perhaps the most probable thing to happen to most people reporting paranormal activities. A strange, soothing smell you hear at any time of the day. You start sniffing your armpits but it’s not you… You can never have that good scent! The smell is out-of-this-world and your spirit is riveted until you find out where it is coming from…

7. If your pet is showing abnormal behavior

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People say animals are the first to report such things. You’re watching TV and your dog is constantly barking in the far corner. It’s almost midnight and you’re too lazy to go and check on him. But you still do because it’s your beloved dog… You end up regretting that decision once you find out that your dog was barking out to nothing or a wall’s empty corner in your haunted house.

8. If there are weird electronic disturbances

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Your alarm clock is supposed to ring at 6 am but it does 2 hours earlier. You experience sudden and unexplained fluctuations and cannot really tell what is wrong. Even in some cases, your laptop would start on its own and you simply would be baffled to see things happening on their own. Just realize that there’s abnormal activity happening around you and your house is severely haunted.

9. Unexplained “cold” spots

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Another supremely reported thing in proven paranormal cases… You don’t want to experience this one. It’s 30 degrees even during the night and you just walked around a corner or spot in your house that is as chilling as a fully air-conditioned room. You might wanna take your steps back and pretend to forget about a cold spot present in your house.

10. Misplaced objects, doors creaking and hearing footsteps

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You put your wallet on the table but end up finding on the floor. Your watch that you kept right there as well was in another room. Your new shoes seemed already worn and your car keys weren’t there where you hung. Humidity is high, the speed of wind is low, even your windows are shut then how come that door is creaking on its own? You’re just sitting in pin drop silence, observing and relieving the stress of a long, tiring day and suddenly hear footsteps. Your heart is thumping, mouth agape and eyes wide because you’re absolutely sure you heard footsteps!

So guys, if you cannot sleep tonight, do not blame me… This is all you need to know that your own lovely home is haunted and YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE OUT THERE!

Good night

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