Senior Journalist Hassan Nisar’s Son Claims He Is An ‘Abusive’ Father

hassan nisar abuse sons

Senior columnist, and an analyst Hassan Nisar is one of the biggest names of the Pakistan media industry. He is one of the most followed and influential personalities. However, recently a different side of his family life grabbed headlines on social media.

Nisar was married to a script-writer and poet Saeeda Hashmi but unfortunately, their marriage ended in a divorce. He married again a woman named Shazia. Recently, in an interview, Nisar’s son Kunain revealed shocking details about his father’s alleged abusive nature.

According to him, the journalist used to beat his three sons (from his first wife) badly and treated them as slaves. Being a father, Nisar never invested a penny for their health, education, and even food.

Kunain also made revelations about Nisar’s drinking habit and claimed, he used to beat his mother as well. After their divorce, Nisar’s sons used to live with them for some time but due to his ill-behavior, they ran away. Despite being so popular and wealthy, Nisar didn’t support his family financially. He abandoned his sons even after they tried to meet him several times.

Watch: Hassan Nisar’s son Kunain revealing details about his father’s alleged abusive nature


حسن نثارکے بیٹوں کی بچپن سے لے کر جوانی تک کی دل دہلا دینے والی داستان ، بیٹے کونین کی زبانی

Gepostet von Naveed Arif Butt am Mittwoch, 22. April 2020

Nisar’s other son Shahper is also living a miserable life in extreme poverty. He also doesn’t seem to be mentally stable. In an interview, Shahper told how he tried to meet his father but Nisar refused to meet him. The senior journalist is now living with his second wife and three children. He is happy in his life. He also once said that he never even raised his voice on his children.

Who is Hassan Nisar?

Nisar has been affiliated with GEO TV and Jang Group for a long time now. He is best known for his column ‘Choraha’ which he writes for Jang. Nisar also used to run his talk show ‘Choraha’ on GEO TV. He also appeared on talk show ‘Meray Mutabiq’ on GEO News.

Nisar, in the middle, left Jang Group and GEO TV for a brief time amid differences with the management. He later joined Dunya News where he worked d=for 8 months. Nisar then moved back to Jang Group in April 2013 after his differences were resolved.

Nisar is famous for his straightforwardness and firm stances. He boldly addresses issues that are plaguing Pakistan and Islam. He has a huge fan following because of his revolutionary thoughts for bringing change in governance. Nisar is often criticized due to his controversial talks on Islamic history.

Nisar used to be a strong supporter of PPP Founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. But later he turned against the Bhutto family after he was imprisoned by General Zia ul Haq’s regime for publishing material against the dictator. He also showed support for PTI and Imran Khan in his shows. Nisar once said PM Imran’s dharna brought a change in the political system of the country. But now he has also turned his back on him. He is mostly seen criticizing him on different talk shows

Well, without making any judgment about him, we believe families mend their differences. Nisar should also accept his sons and help them to live a better life. People look up to him for advice so Nisar needs to be a role model for his followers.


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