Killer Moves! WATCH Cricketer Hassan Ali Dancing Like A Desi Rockstar In This Video

hassan ali dance

Pakistani fast bowler Hassan Ali dancing on foreign land is the best thing you will see today. What seems to be a pre-coronavirus video, Ali is seen doing traditional Pakistani moves while enjoying street music.

The video has gone viral on Twitter and people are enjoying every bit of it. However, we aren’t sure when and where this video was taken but Ali totally rocked it. The spectators around were also amused by his dancing skills.

This is not the first time Ali was spotted dancing and entertaining the audience. He seems like a die-hard fan of dancing and singing.

Ali’s wedding was the talk of the town in Dubai among Indian and Pakistan expatriates as photos and videos from the wedding were leaked by some guests. It was quite amusing to watch the fast bowler trying to dance with his bride while his teammate and famous spin bowler Shaddab Khan was filming the moves on his mobile phone.

Also, he once trolled the Indians with his dance steps that too on the Wagah Border. The Pakistani team visited the Wagha border at the flag-lowering ceremony after winning an important match against India.


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