Hassaan Niazi Claims SAMAA TV Stopped Uzma Khan’s Interview Under ‘Pressure’

Hassaan Niazi SAMAA TV Block Interview

The mainstream media in Pakistan have long been facing criticism for misinforming the masses. Day by day, the downgoing caliber of the media point towards the controlling influential people of the country as well.

Speaking of which, the recent high profile case of local actress Uzma Khan is gathering massive attention on social media. The actress initially filed a complaint against business tycoon Malik Riaz’s daughters for allegedly blackmailing and harassing her and her sister. Gaining people’s support, Uzma Khan’s accusations were then backed by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nephew barrister Hassaan Niazi.

Hassaan Niazi accuses SAMAA TV of operating under pressure

Apparently, the involvement of the real-estate tycoon in the matter has created extreme hype on the internet. After going viral, Uzma and Hassaan were invited to a talk show on Samaa TV to shed light on the issue. But, according to Hassaan, due to some pressure, the show was stopped in the middle.

Taking to his official Twitter, Niazi shared the incident with the public. Moreover, he shared that a First Information Report (FIR) has still not been lodged against the Riaz family. Hassaan believed Punjab’s Inspector General (IG) of Police was also under the influence of Malik Riaz.

Certainly, this is not the first time ‘power’ has stepped over the law and unfortunately, it won’t be the last one as well. Regarding the sudden cut as stated by Hassaan, Samaa TV has not yet responded to the allegations. Well, no one would have expected to see the daughters of one of the richest businessmen of Pakistan, involved in a harassment case.

Where it all started

Particularly, earlier this week, actress Uzma posted pictures of her official complaint against Malik Riaz’s daughters. Soon after the tweet went up, the issue became public and social media was flooded with concerning posts.

Meanwhile, the wife of the man at the center of the story, Amna Usman, also came out with her statement. As per Amna, she was the woman associated in the video and she has nothing to do with Malik Riaz.

She said Usman Malik wasn’t related to Malik Riaz and neither was she. Amna went on to say that she had warned Uzma Khan, asked her to stay away from her husband many times. However, the actress did not agree.

Widening the family circle, some more statements from within the Riaz family came in regarding the issue. Among others, Malik Riaz, himself also spoke on the allegations put on his family by actress Uzma Khan. Well, now, nobody knows what actually went off between the two parties but whatever it is, it is not going to resolve anytime soon.


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