Barrister Hassaan Niazi Faces Backlash On Maltreating A Citizen In Lahore

Hassaan Niazi

Looking over to the unorganized traffic system of Pakistan, daily, hundreds of road accidents get reported in which lives are also lost. This week, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nephew Hassaan Niazi incurred a minor car accident which escalated quickly. Currently, revolving on social media, the video of Barrister Hassaan Niazi indulged in a brawl with a citizen in Lahore is receiving online hate.

Barrister Hassaan Niazi faces criticism for ill-treating a Lahore commoner!

Involved in welfare activities, PM Imran Khan’s nephew previously went viral for offering help to a lady in need. Last year, in July, Hassaan Niazi announced that he will be helping a 22-year-old girl in seeking justice after her family was murdered. Unfortunately, this time, Barrister Hassaan Niazi is facing a backlash as he was seen maltreating a citizen after their vehicles collided in Lahore.

Check out the whole video of the incident!

Apparently, the Barrister was on his way to a private club located on Mall Road while he got into an accident. Losing his temper, Hassaan Niazi went onto pulling out the other driver’s keys from the ignition and even kicked his car. Eventually, the police intervened and cleared the mess while Hassaan Niazi becomes the talk of the town.

Hassaan Niazi tries to clear the air on Twitter!

Well, the whole incident was recorded by a bypasser which later caught many eyeballs on the internet. To clear the heated air, Hassaan Niazi then took to his official Twitter to explain the scenario and the misconceptions being spread. Quoting local news outlets ”Samaa TV” and ”Ary News” in his post, Niazi further appealed to them to listen to his side of the story as well.

Here’s what he has to say!

Talking about the criticizing media, Hassaan Niazi urged the mega news providers to ‘take his version’ on the accident. Particularly, he wrote, ”My car was hit. I got punched, I called the security and I filed the complaint. And media bashing me even after issue has been resolved. First they played news then decided to take my version. ARY AND SAMAA DIDNT TAKE MY VERSION. TAKE MY VERSION PLZ”.

Twitteratis react to Hassaan Niazi’s explanatory post!

Well, as the internet spares no one, Hassaan Niazi also incurred hateful and devastating comments from Pakistanis. While many brought out his close relation with PM Imran Khan, others were asking the reason behind Hassaan Niazi’s frequent fights. However, it seems like the VIP culture has rotten the prevailing system to the extent that the nation is now completely fed up.

”You are coming out as an extremely entitled person!”

That’s harsh!

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”Har jaga tumharay phaday q hotay hain?”

”Hr dafaa badmashi kar ke is tarah ki fazool wazahtein dete ho!”

And this user wants Hassaan to stop using PM Imran Khan’s name with his own!

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