Hasnain & Sabeeka Are Having Ex-Lover’s Spat While Twitteratis Are Here For It

Hasnain & Sabeeka Are Having Ex-Lover’s Spat While Twitteratis Are Here For It

It seems like self-isolation is hitting model Hasnain Lehri a bit too hard. He is now ranting on his twitter about his failed romance with fellow model Sabeeka Imam. It is true heartbreak hits us in different ways. But no one anticipated such isolation that old flames are coming back to haunt us in an almost cruel way.

The same is the case for the 31 years old model as he goes on tweeting about his broken relationship and announcing to the world that his love was truly one-sided. Lehri seems one step away from starting to trash talk his ex, who allegedly wasn’t loyal.

He tweeted, “I reward loyalty with loyalty. I reward disloyalty with distance.”

While the twitter world promptly began decoding the ‘not so cryptic’ message, Sabeeka did not take this lying down and too took to twitter to set the record straight.

Sabeeka then went on and epically dissed her ex by posting a gorgeous photo of herself captioned “Stop checking your phone… I’m not going to message you lol.”

It seems like apart from the heartbreak, Lehri like the rest of us mortals has also gained life lessons from the outcome, Lehri Tweets, “the person who I needed the most taught me I don’t need anybody.”

Lehri went one step further and is now blaming his troubles on none other than Shahrukh Khan.

Granted SRK is known as the king of romance but that is on screen! Apparently, Lehri has taken SRK’s acting to his heart and is now wallowing in self-pity.

While these two might be subtweeting each other over unresolved feelings Twitterati, on the other hand, are enjoying the quarrel, and as always are ‘Meme-ing’ it to perfection.

One Twitterati tweeted, “Somebody check on hasnain lehri, guy is sad and heartbroken so bad.”

Lehri and Imam no longer together

Last year in December, both Lehri and Imam took to social media to call it quits on their relationship owing to irreconcilable differences. They had been ever since they broke the news earlier in 2018, that Lehri and Imam revealed their relationship status on Instagram in 2018. However, Sabeeka took to the same platform after a year to share that sad news as she was becoming tired of answering everyone’s question on her current relationship status.


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