Hasnain Lehri Recently Performed Umrah But People Are Busy Discussing Something Totally Different

It has been observed that with the emergence of social media, it has become easier for people to follow their favorite celebrities closely. They not only love to track the activities of these celebrities on a regular basis, but also don’t shy away from expressing their love or hate openly. On the other hand, these superstars also love to update their followers on everything. Whether it is about some new project, photoshoot, complimentary dinner at a restaurant, meet up with friends, etc. These posts are usually followed by a series of comments bashing, praising and sometimes cursing the celebs. BTW, this is the new ‘in’ thing. Hasnain Lehri’s case is no exception. Social media targeted him as soon as he shared his Umrah pictures .

Unfortunately, a lot of people are of an opinion that celebrities have no right to perfrom Hajj or Umrah since they belong to a ‘Haraam’ industry. However, they don’t realize that it’s none of their business and all of us should refrain from passing any  judgement.

Here are the pictures he shared on his Instagram account.

But here is how people reacted…

Attention to Detail!

People Actually “Zoomed In” To See His Hair

So, According to this bro, Hasnain is a Show-off

People Are Obsessed With His Hair!

Cute To Hai…

Some appreciated him…

Some called him “Attention Seeker”…

Jo Baat Ki Hai Bhai Ne!

Ye Bhi Check Karen

Oh Wow!

We sincerely hope that people start considering celebrities as a ordinary people who do what every other ordinary person does! Live and let live, buddies! May Allah accept Hasnain Lehri’s Umrah and grant all his wishes. Ameen.

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