Hasan Ali’s Epic Celebration at Wagha-Attari Border Has Got the Indians Pretty Salty!

Hasan Ali, a name in the Pakistani cricketing profession not unknown at all. Within a limited passage of time, Hasan Ali has taken the cricketing world by storm. His performance has got the cricketing pundits label him as one of the most remarkable young players we have seen in the recent times. Safe to say, Hasan Ali is becoming the pride of the country!

While his performance against Indian in the Champions Trophy this year was fantastic, we were still not expecting the Indians to cry rivers over the wounds the bowler caused.

The Pakistani Team Visited the Wagha Border at the Flag Lowering Ceremony!

The entire team was pretty thrilled!


On the Other Hand, Hasan Ali Pulled his Signature Move at the Flag Lowering Ceremony!

The cricketer couldn’t contain his happiness so he pulled the move and Pakistanis loved it.

Here’s From Another Side

Who Didn’t Love this Were the Indians…And We Could See Why They Were So Salty About It!

They Felt that Hasan Ali Was Mocking the Indian Side

Chances of Serious Action Being Taken Place Against Hasan Ali



Hasan Ali, On the Other Hand, Hasn’t Issued Any Sort of Statement Regarding the Upset Reaction of the Indians

Well, it isn’t really that big of a deal, but given how civilians are not allowed to enter the main field during the ceremony, it does make some sense as well.

However, the way the Indians are reacting is just extreme. Safe to say, Hasan Ali broke the hearts of Indians once again.


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