Harvard Law Students Walk Out On Israeli Ambassador During Protest!

Harvard University Law Students Walk Out On Israeli Ambassador

Nothing will justify Israel’s forced settlements in the holy land of Palestine. More importantly, the unspeakable war-crimes committed against the innocent civilians of Palestine will never be forgotten. Such strong sentiments were shared by the students of Harvard Law as well. Their recent protest took over the internet like a storm and it really gave everyone an insight on how learned these students really are. Rest assured, they were cheered by everyone around the globe.

Harvard University Law Students walked out on the Israeli Consul General.

Dani Dayan was invited to speak on “The Legal Strategy of Israeli Settlements” in New York. Little did he know that the world isn’t asleep nor it is oblivious to cruel human rights violations committed by Israeli forces. The students before he could begin his lecture stood up with placards that read “Settlements are a war crime” and left the room in silence.

A Masters Student of Islamic Studies at Harvard Divinity School tweeted: “100+ students at @Harvard_Law walk out on a talk hosting extremist settler leader and current Consulate General of Israel in New York, Dani Dayan. Dayton was left to speak to an almost empty room”

‘Extremist settler leader’ is an apt description; one with which not only the Muslim community at large but non-Muslims too would agree. The decades-old settlement that lead to a sea of bloodshed, tears, and cries is impossible to justify. Especially in a digitally governed world. In order to fool a group, Israel would have to delete not just years of records over the web showcasing mind-numbing horrors faced by the innocent Palestinians but also would have to hypnotize the world into believing their nonsense.

The world celebrates the students for doing the right thing.

Indeed! This should be the response to anyone who tries to justify wrong.

Smart and courageous!

The people lauding these students do not belong to one country. But in fact, they are tweeting from around the world. This goes to show how many are against Israel and its illegal settlement.

Moeed Pirzada expresses his views on the incident.

Humanity, empathy, and union always wins against injustice. If Harvard University Law students’ response could create such a powerful chain reaction, imagine if the leaders of the countries combined their efforts. Prime Minister of Pakistan already made his stance clear on Israel; ‘Pakistan will not recognize Israel’. These are the thoughts of every Muslim and not just Pakistan alone.

It is about time, the world unites not just against Israel but also against India for walking in the footsteps of the first, forcefully taking over Kashmir. Moreover, the abrogation of Article 370 and the aftermath of various incidents pertaining to human rights violations rang the same bell as it did for Israel. Nonetheless, this commendable step could be a start to a world-wide movement. Let’s hope so!

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