Parhlo People; Haris Tabussum Has Some Important Lessons To Teach You!

For every PMA cadet, the biggest dream is to serve the country with pride and honor in every capacity of their existence. They foster this dream, bred, breath, sleep and literally live it at every moment of their lives. Now imagine, if half way there life hits you hard and places you in a position where you can no longer pursue your life long goal? For Mr. Haris, a life changing injury decided his fate and despite being one of the most capable cadets of his time, he was left with no option but to withdraw his army career permanently.

However, a true man of courage possesses the strongest heart and Mr Tabussum proved so by establishing his story as an inspiration for everyone and has to deliver some key lessons to lead a life of contentment though his experience.

”Google tells us how to do everything, but when to do it, is written no where.” And that’s where this story will help you make your first step towards staying focused in life.

1. Please tell us about the incident that changed your life

The PMA Medical Board Out – 1998

I was a regular candidate with 99th PMA Long Course when I was medically boarded out due to a severe injury. This lead to my 6 month’s admission in CMH and MH.

I thought I was too smart to follow rules and it was a second nature to overrule the directions being given from instructors. I exhibited the same during a major exercise drill and suffered life threatening injuries. Nearly lost my life in the act and was badly damaged however I feel lucky and thank Allah Almighty for His kindness. I recovered completely apart from my back bone which did not heal and I developed bronchial asthma because of heavy medication I received during my admission in hospitals.


Lesson Learned: Never Exercise Brilliance Above Experience; It Can Kill You In Seconds


2. How long did it take for you to recover from the injuries and psychological stress?

I have learned that physical wounds may recover to an extent however psychological wounds do not recover; we develop strength and skills to handle them.

“I still have nightmares, stress related chest aches, migraine attacks, back ache, asthma attacks etc. But the important thing is that what we have learned from our failures.”

3. What was your biggest strength that made you who you are today?

It was the practical exercise of my father Mr. Shahid Tabassum (late) who showed me why and how to trust Allah in bad and good times, how to support the falling and how to re-build the core to help one rise again.

Poem “Pakdandi Hayati Di”, written especially for me by my father in Punjabi Language. It covers every aspect of life as how winners think and perform in every given situation; truly a master piece!

Everything falls to its place and I when I began searching for an ideology which captures everything of life, I found my answer. One day I was listening Dr. Zakir Naik and he was explaining value set given to us by the creator. He was explaining the essence of life in four core values from Sura-e-Asr (Faith, Fair Deeds, Righteousness & Patience). I found that every deed which I performed had its answer in it. So, from that day on wards I try to observe my actions more.


4. What lesson has life taught you post the tragedy?

I do not think that there is anything called “tragedy”. Tragedy and such words are mere lame excuses to handle stresses and release personal responsibility. Whatever is done is done with our conscious willingness. One thing which I learn from life is “failure and success are not overnight events; we develop certain habits which lead us to these two avenues.” And I think this statement hits the bulls-eye.

Now, I have very well understood that “change the constant in different situations if your need to change the results”. In every case of my life, “I” was the constant factor. I have changed to change my life. Alhamdullilah, I am doing quite well again.


5. What message do you have to convey to the youth of Pakistan?

Value Set:

Faith in Allah that He is with you and you are never ever alone, He is the best provider.
Fair Deeds will make you more energetic, stress free and productive
Righteousness to make your “zameer” and rizq at its best health
Patience that every fruit falls automatically at its own time, allow it to ripe don’t be impatient to steal it from branch

Relations: Family is very important. No one supports in bad times but family.

Skills: Develop Skills, when I say skills I mean multitude skills.

Respect: Respect directs learning and the more you learn, the more you earn.


Make Pakistan and Islam proud of you!


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