WATCH: Haris Rauf Blushes As He Reveals Who He Would Like To Take On A Dinner Date

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During a recent interview, Pakistan’s right-arm pacer Harif Rauf named the actress he would love to take out for dinner.

A video clip of the cricketer’s interview is doing the rounds on the internet in which the bowler reveals the name of the Pakistani actress he would like to go on a dinner date with. 

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The host gave Rauf the names of three actresses and asked to pick one; Mahira Khan, Mehwish Hayat, and Mawra Hocane. “Who, again?” he asked, visibly confused. 

When the host repeated the names, he shook his head. “I don’t want to go to dinner with any of them,” he said.

“I would like to go on a dinner date with Maya Ali,” the cricketer added. Rauf was then asked in which country he would prefer to have the dinner date with her. “No other country shountry, Pakistan is the best,” he responded. “There is no other country better than Pakistan.”

Have a look at the video:

In the past weeks, social media has seen an increase in the number of stan accounts devoted to videos of Haris Rauf, Babar Azam, and Shahdab Khan jumping in the air in slow motion, surrounded by heart emojis.

Women have developed a fondness for this cricket team because of the hard work and immaculate sportsmanship they have displayed so far in the tournament. With their talent and looks, the team seems to have captivated the hearts of many women across the country during the tournament both on and off the cricket pitch.

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Although they were already celebrities, the T20 World Cup and their brilliant performance made them superstars in the eyes of the internet and made them instant crush material. They are a team worthy of admiration.

Some people, however, seem to be offended by this countrywide adoration. But women made a case for their fangirling over the team and shut down the men who seemed to be irked by the thirsting happening on social media.

The team is currently in Bangladesh, playing the three-match T20 series against the hosts.

Pakistan recovered from a precarious 24-4 to beat Bangladesh by four wickets in the first Twenty20 International of their three-match series on Friday. The second match of the series will be held on the same ground on Saturday (today).

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