Doctors Say That Haris Fatah Soomro Could Be Permanently Disabled!

haris soomro condition

Dua Mangi may have returned but the case is far from being closed. Haris Fatah Soomro, who was shot by the kidnappers as a result of a possible altercation is still in a critical condition; while the police haven’t made any progress in tracking down this criminal gang who they believe belong to a ‘militant group’. Unfortunately, the only solid progress that has been made in this case is an update from the doctors on Haris Soomro condition – which to everyone’s horror is not good.

Dua Mangi And Haris Fatah CCTV

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Haris could be permanently disabled.

His father broke the sad news on Thursday. He informed that the doctors have updated him about his condition. Since Haris was shot in the spine, the bullet has since been removed but his road to recovery is quite painful. Haris’s father said, “His spine has been affected due to the bullet wound. Doctors have expressed the concern that Haris may be permanently disabled.”

However, this isn’t completely confirmed. The doctors are waiting for Haris to gain consciousness as he still lies asleep; only then, will they be able to confirm their fears of Haris’s potential permanent disability.

Haris Fatah Soomro's health update


On the other hand, the culprits behind Haris’s condition roam free. Dua returned home safely on Friday but the details of her return still stay a mystery as the family fails to cooperate with the details. However, Dua recorded her initial statement revealing details of her kidnapping; including how she was held captive.

A lot of speculations have come forth since Dua’s return, including the uncanny similarities between Dua and Bisma’s abduction. However, the police force including the investigation team has failed to make even the slightest of advancement.

The future of Pakistan and Karachi, in particular, looks dark.

If this group that has been revealed to be a ‘professional criminal gang’ aren’t placed behind bars soon – they could target another daughter of this country. The people of Karachi are questioning their personal safety that has been made extremely vulnerable. Sadly, Karachi’s history is repeating itself. But then again, the city hasn’t seen peaceful times, to begin with.

Haris is fighting for his life while Dua is permanently scarred. The law enforcement agencies in Karachi have proven to be incompetent, time and time again. As Punjab suffers from the child-abuse epidemic, Karachi has another problem to deal with. The country’s peace is constantly played with and hopefully, a staunch step will be taken in its restoration.

The youngsters and innocent little children’s safety should be our first priority and we can only achieve that if Pakistan’s concerned authorities work with diligence and responsibility. We pray Haris to make a quick recovery and is soon on his feet. Amen!

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