Hareem Shah Threatens To Leak Jahangir Tareen Video Today

Controversial TikToker Hareem Shah continues to attack politicians with supposed videos and audio recordings as evidence, with his most recent emphasis being on former PTI leader Jahangir Tareen. Together with Aleem Khan, Tareen has leveled severe accusations against Imran Khan.

Hareem Shah Threatens Jahangir Tareen

Hareem Shah has once again caused an uproar by threatening to disclose films relating to the head of the Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party. In the past, Hareem Shah has angered people by sharing purported movies that include public individuals such as the Hareem Shah leaked Shebaz Sharif videos and someone who claims to be Captain Safdar.

Shah is widely recognized as a notable personality in the realm of digital content creation, and he enjoys a sizeable following across a variety of social networking sites. She published a photo of herself and Mr. Tareen in a post on social media, in which she asserted that those who opposed Khan Sahib would progressively suffer exposure.

In the meantime, the amount of expectation that is growing among users of social media for Tareen’s claimed footage is increasing. This is due to Shah’s history of uploading movies of this nature.

It is well-known that Hareem Shah rose to prominence as a result of her participation in many governmental activities under the PTI administration. She was regularly observed engaging in conversation with high-ranking officials of the government while she was present at public offices.

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