A Group of Transgenders Was Harassed by Locals in a Gut-wrenching Incident at Murree Hills

Minorities in Pakistan continue to battle a sheer opposition that inflicts pain on them in unimaginable ways. Our society is laden with this nemesis of discrimination and abuse specifically towards the transgender community. The latter have not found a handful of support from other members of society in recent years and while efforts and campaign towards a change are in full swing, we still come across shambolic incidents of abuse with them.

Source: Media Bites

Harassment with transgenders in the past few years has only increased. It continues to prevail in the society, hinting towards the maddening prospect of mindsets among local people. People continue to associate them as odd members of the society and to think it gives them a reason to inflict pain and abuse on them is distressing. Once again, we came across another incident of terrible harassment faced by transgenders.

How these people harassed the transgenders in this video will make your heart bleed for our society

Took place at Murree Hills when the crowd was gathered in activities during Eid celebrations. Some people just felt liable to disrupt the peace, social security and traumatize these members of society who already haven’t found much in terms of hope for them by the society.


Unfortunately, this group of transgenders found their away amid a mob of offenders. Every person charged on them and terribly harassed them. None stepped forward to stop this monstrosity happening in the street, everyone seemingly enjoyed the show while another person was ridden apart. It’s still a normal belief among millions of people that transgenders are a creation cursed by God and it is appropriate to break them apart.

Source: Pakistan Today

This terrifying event is not the first or the last. They continue to surface; flip the timeline, you will find an array of abuse and violence incurred on the transgender community in Pakistan. While they have battled for their rights a notch up, they yet face such oppression and abuse from the local community in Pakistan. It’s about time we officially grant such harassment a status of criminalistic offense and the offenders should be dealt accordingly.

Every community deserves their rights. Our society direly calls for a balance where respect, equality is the norm and most importantly, fear has no place in the hearts and minds of people. May Allah help Pakistani people mend their ways.

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