Har Cheez ‘Yahoodi Sazish’ Nahi Hoti!

My fellow countrymen lend me your rationality; we can’t continue to blame other people for all of our problems especially if there is no rational or probable cause for the accusations that we have levied on said people. Whenever something is to go wrong in Pakistan; we have all heard the infamous words, “Yar yeh toh yahoodi sazish hai” or my personal favorite, “Woh toh RAW ka agent hai”. However if we want to progress as a nation we must take responsibility for our actions and grow out of this mentality where we blame the greater know or perceived evil. Please do not mistake this to mean that there is no such things as a “Yahoodi Sazish” or that spies for RAW do not want to infiltrate our country’s military or political intelligence because there is a very good chance that all of that must be true. The only problem is that we as a nation excessively use these terms to escape from facing the reality of our countries position. Hence here are some guide lines to know, kay kab Yahoodi sazish nahi hai

1. When You Get 11 Eggs In A Dozen Instead Of 12


2. When The Water In Your “Tanki” Finishes


3. When A Specific Group In Your Country Takes Responsibility For Their Actions


4. When You Can Plainly See That Its Just People In Your Country F#@king Around


5. When There are Structural Problems But You Just Don’t See Them


6. When You Blame “Yahoodi Sazish” For Ruining Your Culture


7. When You Blame Hate And Violence On “Yahoodi Sazish” Instead Of Intolerance


 Instead of blaming others, we should own the responsibility and accept that whatever wrong is happening in our society is because of us only. We encourage intolerance by indoctrinating our younger generation with hateful thoughts against those who are different from us in any capacity. We have infrastructure issues because of poor and corrupt leadership. People are starving to death because we are ignorant! We as people need to change! Because we are the ones at fault! Own it! Change it! Move on!

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