Meet The Pakistani Guy Who Is ‘Very Happy’ After GAINING 6KG In 2 Months

Pakistani Guy Happy GAINING 6KG

While the risks of being overweight are well known by everyone and a lot of weight-loss solutions are readily available, not many understand the struggle behind being skinny or underweight. As a matter of fact, just as it is with being overweight, being skinny too provokes a lot of hurtful comments and name calling. A Pakistani guy is really happy after gaining 6kg in 2 months.

A Pakistani tweep gained about 6 kg in two months, and the Twittersphere could not be more proud of him. Just as being overweight comes with its own set of health hurdles, being underweight can be just as unhealthy.

Before we dive into how this Pakistani guy became so much happy after gaining 6kg of weight, let’s be clear on one thing: if you are asking how to gain weight fast, know that ‘fast’ is not always maintainable.

Make sure you know that making changes in your body should be slow and steady. Drastic changes to body shape and weight usually result in unhealthy side effects or a see-saw in your weight that can result in metabolic damage.

This guy named Adil Azhar took it to his Twitter to share his weight gain accomplishment. It is pertinent to be noted that gaining 6 kg in only 2 months is definitely not an easy job!

As it appears, he has been doings lots of eating, and lots of exercise. While replying to people on his Tweet, he also mentioned that he has been trying to gain weigh for years. An now, he has ‘sort of figured out a balance’.

Coping with weight gain can be damn challenging. However, pretending that it is not challenging can make it even harder. You might wish that you were handling your weight gain better. Nonetheless, accepting how you feel about it is, ironically, the first step to feeling better.

Pakistanis shower love and support for Adil

Here’s how the guy achieved his goals

In short, the key to your weight gain journey is understanding the correct balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. And not to forget that workout.

When you gain weight, it seems easy to hyper-focus on how your body looks or the number on the scale. But know, that a much better way to feel more comfortable in your new body is to focus on how you feel. Not how you look.

Focus on nutritious meals to get you to your weight gain goals and remember, slow and steady wins the race!

While some want to gain weight, others tend to focus more on losing it. Another Pakistani guy lost massive weight, and his incredible transformation left everyone speechless. Also, check out the inspiring weight loss of a girl who went from 120 kgs to 72 kgs in just two years!

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