What Happens On The First Day Of Your Job

So you’re uber excited. First job ever! Totally independent, bro!

You expect it to be like Suits. People probably view you as that smooth professional. But what happens behind the cubicle walls or that teacher’s desk?

The truth about THE REAL WORLD unfolds on the very first day.

1) You will be lost

Forget about names, images, people… You might even lose your way to your own chair. Mostly you will be fake smiling and meeting people trying to quickly memorize their identities.


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2) Forget all that you studied

HUGE difference between the theoretical world and the real world. Don’t expect what you’re expecting. You will be REBORN via training.


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3) What to do?

Whether it’s about putting your hands in your lap or on the desk, or pretending to be typing out a major strategy, your first day is awkward. You have to fake work.

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4) Your browser will linger back to Facebook

Oh yes… Your mouse is possessed. It will keep coming back to facebook again and again… lingering on and on. For no apparent reason too.


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5) Like a cheesy love story, time stops.

OH MY GOD it’s only 12 pm?! You cannot wait for office hours to end, so you can go home and be excited about your first day as a working person.


source: theodysseyonline

At the end of the day, congrats, you made it out there and now you are a part of the professional crowd.

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