Hania Amir Speaks about the Massive Controversy of Her Viral Snapchat Story

Hania Amir, a renowned actress was surrounded by a controversy after someone posted her Snapchat story on Twitter. She was seen recording a video showing a man trying hard not to feature in the snap. Hania Amir was seen violating the man’s personal space during the flight and Pakistani people found it extremely distasteful.

Pakistani people drastically reacted to it and termed it as “harassment”. It became viral and people expressed their anger and resentment over her actions. In a matter of hours, Hania Amir’s reputation took a nose dive and now she addresses the whole controversy, hovering above her like a dark cloud.

Here is what Hania Amir had to say about it:

Firstly, I am sorry to everyone who got offended by the video I posted. That wasn’t my intention at all. I’d like to also add that I deleted my Snapchat story. When I saw it again, I really found it weird. I believe it came out in the wrong manner.

I saw the reactions it followed. I can assure you that by no means, I was using my star-power to harass the man. I’d never do that. Honestly, I don’t even consider myself a star. But I do understand where people are coming from.

I never intended to harass a man, since I am well aware of how it feels to be judged on how I wear my hair, what shoes I wear. Thus, as soon as the video was uploaded and I saw the snap, I deleted it right away. I did not mean to invade the man’s personal space or anything alike.

People know me for making funny vines and video and the whole video was about that only. I wasn’t harassing anyone… That definitely wasn’t what I meant to do. It was just an exchange of expressions between 2 people and I found that funny at that time only.

However, I’d still like to apologize to everyone for it.

She released the following statement to the Express Tribune.

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