Hania Amir Preaches ‘Accept Yourself’ While Using An Instagram Filter & Gets Backlash

hania amir preaches accept yourself

Pakistani actor Hania Amir often lands in hot water for her recklessness and now she preaches to accept yourself. This time she drew ire for asking people to embrace their natural, makeup-free self, all the while using an Instagram beauty filter.

It all happened when the Parwaaz Hai Junoon starlet took to Instagram and made an epic fail at attempting to share some piece of advice. Amir posted a video on her story in which she called out the ‘gora complex’ perpetuating in the society.

hania amir
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“One thing that has been bothering me for a while is color shaming,” she said while revealing how she realized the problem soon after a friend told her she needed to get a tan.

Gori hai tou chitti hai, dark complexion hai tou gori kyun nai hojati?! [If she has a dark complexion, why doesn’t she get fair]. I think it’s high time we start having these conversations because… till when will we get insecure about the way we look?” she asked in her video.

‘Terrible beauty standards’ or double standards?

“We need to own ourselves, we need to own our skin tones,” she added. “We don’t have to wear two tones dark foundation or two-tone light foundation that oh, these are our beauty standards. These are terrible beauty standards and we don’t need to follow them because we have a responsibility for the next generations to come [sic].”

hania amir preaches
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According to Amir, if we talk about this issue more, and wipe out this mindset now, then out future generations would not have to go through what we are going through today.

Bafflingly, or rather ironically, throughout her ‘preaching’ video, she had an Instagram filter on her face. A filter that plumped up her lips, added a rosy tint to her cheeks, elevated her cheekbones, and added a row of false lashes. Amir effortlessly defeated the purpose of everything she said.

The viewers found it hard to not spot the hypocrisy in Hania Amir’s rant, preaching others to ‘accept yourself’ while putting a layer of filter over her face came off more like an empty talk. As a result, people were quick to call her out on the double standard.

‘Says the girl with a filter’

Source: Instagram

Amir is famous for savage replies to her trolls. She surely knows how to reply to them. What will be her response to this?

Earlier this week, another Pakistani actor Syra Yousuf shared a picture on Instagram with no filter. The response she received was much more positive than Amir’s since Yousuf flaunted her raw face while shutting down the unrealistic beauty standards.

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