What? OMG! She’s a Real Clone Of Hania Aamir From Sweden

Hania Aamir clone sweden

Do u believe in doppelganger? You should, because in the world few give you shocking reacting when you see that particular person and then resemble her/him with celebrity. People now have found the real clone of Hania Aamir from Sweden.

For the past few years, Pakistani actress’s clone went viral from Sanam Saeed’s to Iqra Aziz. But this time,  in the world of doppelganger for the second time in a year Hania Aamir’s roaming around and seeking a great amount of attention.

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That’s what happened recently when a Swedish blogger living miles away stunned the internet audience with her look. You heard it right, Pakistan’s famous actress Hania Aamir has a doppelganger miles away in Sweden!

The whole thing into the attention of everyone when a Twitterati goes by @thincrustgirl. Tweeted and said, “Is this @realhaniahehe from a parallel universe???”

Soon the picture spread all over the internet, Hania Aamir’s fans came on board and expressed their love towards Hania.

But who is that Swedish blogger who has become sensation and doppelganger of Hania Aamir.

Who is Hania Aamir’s doppelganger?

The girl who lookalike Hania Aamir lives in Sweden and she’s a beauty blogger. The world knows her as “Shai Hulud”. She’s known for her exceptional beauty tips and her exotic makeup that grabs attention. On social media when her image was uploaded beside Hania Aamir people were in a great amount of shock.

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Hania’s fans thought it was a joke by her, but soon the actual news came out they reacted. But if you look at them side by side it’s hard to tell who’s Shai or who’s Hania.

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Hania Aamir is the diva of our nation who stole many fans’ hearts with her beauty and acting. She’s also been criticized for her controversial acts and she’s been a social media active person as well.

Fans reaction to Hania Aamir’s clone

The latest doppelganger looks very similar and it’s difficult to recognize who is real. Some people tagged Shai and let her know that she resemble Pakistani actress Hania Aamir.

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Meanwhile on the other hand some were confused after seeing their pics side by side.

Source: Instagram

Not only that, but Beauty Blogger Shai Hulud also confirmed that she’s been compared with Hania Aamir more than 20 times. And that’s not the first time, you are seeing Hania Aamir’s doppelganger on social media.

Remember the bride who looked alike Hania Aamir ditto and went viral all over the internet earlier this year.

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