Hania Aamir Schools ‘Papa Ki Princess’ Over Shameful Behavior With Uzma Khan

hania amir on uzma khan

Since the video of Umza khan and ‘Malik Riaz’s ‘daughters’ went viral, social media has been ablaze with people’s opinions of all kinds. Some stand with the actress and her stance on invasion of privacy and assault, others side with the woman who said she did it all to save her marriage.

While many celebrities stayed silent on the matter, some thought necessary to raise their voice against the ‘privileged behavior’.

Hania Amir is one bold celebrity who took to social media to share her 2 cents on the viral matter. In a video message, she shared her views about the Uzma Khan issue.

“I am disgusted to the core right now, I saw the Uzma Khan video… disgusting I am appalled. This is just a horrible show of power by the rich and elite of our society.”

“Regardless of the reason, no one has the right to infiltrate people’s homes, injure them, trash their house, and harras them.”

‘This was an attempt to murder’

“I understand there must be dirty laundry on both sides, but that was their personal issue. What this has turned into is an invasion of their homes and attempt to murder”

“Any ‘normal’ person who invades private property, trashes the place or steals anything is sent straight to jail, and FIR is registered immediately, but because these were ‘papa ki princess’ no action was taken against them.”

‘Papa ki princess’ should be held accountable

“Uzma Khan had been standing in front of the police station for 3 hours and no one bothered to take her statement. Just because you have power and money you can get away with anything.”

“The battle is no longer between the two concerned parties the battles now lies between the privileged and the government. Nobody is above the law.”

#HaniaAmir comes forward in support of Uzma Khan and Huma Khan.

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“Even if after all the evidence government doesn’t take any action then we’ll know we are not safe in our own country.”

Celebrities stood up against ‘privileged class’ behavior

Other Pakistani celebrities have also come out in support of the actress and her sister and called out the elite behavior of the ‘Malik Riaz’s so-called daughters.’

Actress Sarwat Gillani who has worked with Uzma khan before came out to defend her costar.

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After seeing the videos of three women barging into Uzma’s house with 20 gunmen and did what they did is inhuman, this is a criminal act and is punishable by law. Why didn’t the wife and mother of the man involved make a video beating up their son and husband, throwing spirit on him and breaking and stealing his personal belongings. Just because a powerful family name is attached, no one is placing an FIR. Apparently the wife of the said man in the video is using the dirtiest language and is seen brutally beating Uzma and her sister. And later with a duppta on her head making a satisavitry video and diverging from the real subject. This is pathetic. Her behaviour in the video and her language show what a savage person she is and probably why HER HUSBAND doesn’t want to be with her. Whatever the matter is HE is the home wrecker. He was married, he was committed in a relationship then why only shame the girl? Why not keep their dirty laundry at home and not do these cheap things because what they seem like in the videos is their real self. Belonging to a wealthy family doesn’t give anyone the right to barge into anyone’s house and go savage on them. I don’t stand for infidelity but I stand for justice. @uzmakhanofficial we are here for you. You may be an orphan but you are as much a citizen of Pakistan as these cheap wealthy powerful people. May Allah protect us from such entitled people. #uzmakhan

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Famous anchorperson also shared his views on the matter.

Film actress Armeena Khan said, “relationships are private but the Law is public!”

Actor Osman Khalid Butt also came out in defense saying, “raising voice for two women verbally and physically abused.”

While the technicalities remain upon the government to tackle, celebrities are seen demanding action on the malicious attempt to infiltrate, harass, and abuse the young women without a care in the world and no sign of remorse.

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