Hania Aamir Just Cut Her Own Hair & ‘Friend’ Asim Azhar’s Reaction Is Priceless

hania aamir new look

Pakistani ‘ex-couple’ Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar, after denying their romantic relationship, is still maintaining a good relationship with each other. They are still seen complementing and supporting each other on social media. There were rumors about their rift due to TikToker Areeka Haq.

However, recently Asim released his new single while Hania was seen trying a new look for herself. Both the celebs praised each other in their respective projects.

Hania released a new Vlog on YouTube where she shared the entire dilemma of cutting off her own hair during this lockdown. She cuts her fringes and showed it to her friends on Facetime who were shocked to see her new look.

Asim was also among those friends who were shocked to see Hania’s new look. But, he also said that he loved it.

Hania’s friends’ reactions were bit too loud and funny honestly. We didn’t find her new look too surprising, eh!

However, it’s not only Hania who has experimented with her look during the lockdown. Many Pakistani celebrities, as well as common people, are trying their hands on different looks as they are stuck at home. Self-grooming is the only option left these days for every Pakistani woman especially.

Hania-Asim fiasco

Ever since Hania announced that she is not dating singer Asim, Hania has been facing severe criticism. Though they never announced their relationship status but their romantic relationship was out in public.

The Pakistani youth also announced a protest outside Hania’s house after she publicly denied her relationship with Asim. They all came in support of Asim who they thought is ‘heartbroken and betrayed.’

However, Asim pacifies the situation when he issued a statement stating his side of the story. In a long Instagram post, Asim thanked his fans for continuous support and love towards him. He said he enjoyed trending in the last few days and loved the memes/sympathy he got after the alleged breakup with Hania.

Apparently, he also agreed to Hania’s statement and said that they are only ‘good friends’.


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