This Pakistani Girl Shares Why Being Patient Is The Most Beautiful Thing Ever And It Sure Does Help!

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So I came across this small video on Parhlo and it touched me greatly. Talk about something being small with a big impact, this video is definitely one of those. I’m sure it’s not just me who felt this way, it must have touched your heart as well- the video was about patience. Yes, patience, something that seems to be a lost trait in humans nowadays and was once one of the most powerful qualities of our prophets. Something that has been taught in our religion as well, something that solves most of our worries and problems.

But I guess in the race of this life, we forgot these fundamental values that were instilled in us by our parents and were strictly told to be patient in life; I guess at that time, it really did seem illogical of them to say such nonsense. We thought, how can we solve our problems by being patient? How can we not think about the what-ifs that keep us up at night?

Source: Mens XP

Patience is something that is simple but one of the hardest things to do at times.

Your life might be falling apart, you could be going through the toughest phase of your life and what are you asked to do? Just be patient. As ridiculous as it seems at the point of crisis, it is the most beautiful thing you could do. Think about it, you have tried your best and nothing seems to be working, you suffer from panic attacks and anxiety and slowly see things fall apart. Is the situation out of your control? Yes. Take a deep breath. It might be hard but you need to trust in Allah and His plans for you, you need to put your trust in Him and be… patient. One day you’ll look back at this and be thankful to be where you are today.

Calamities befall us because that’s how this world is made for us humans; this is what our destinies are in this temporary setting. This is why Allah has repeatedly, in the Quran, told us to hold on tight as He will take care of us if we show patience and complete trust in His decisions and plans for us. I was thinking how, just like in love, everyone needs reassurance from their partners that they are still loved and cherished, we need to be reminded, just like that, again and again, to develop ‘sabr’. If you read the Quran, there is a reason He mentions and advises us to be patient at various times because even Allah knows we need to be reminded again and again.

So stay strong- this too shall pass

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