Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Message on How People Mocked Sarfaraz on His English Is an Eye-Opener For Us!

People from all around the world have often mocked our Pakistani players over their lack of English speaking skills. Without realizing where they come from, what struggle they have been through, seeing how our players are ridiculed for the English speaking skills seems funny to many.

However, worst is when your own countrymen feel the same. Surely you have heard, “groom our players” by Pakistanis, which is primarily spoken when it comes to polishing their English speaking skills. Similar to this is what happened with the Pakistan’s cricket team captain Sarfaraz Ahmed during his post-match conference after winning against Sri Lanka.

Sarfaraz Ahmed gets panic as he notices all the… by PakiViralOnline

The captain panicked seeing how every reporter in the room was English. In all honesty, Sarfaraz is pretty aware of the burden when it comes to speaking English. Why? Because of our colonial mindset – which values English over Urdu. Being ruled by English for decades, the people of the sub-continent still give importance to English.

All of this beautifully summed up in Hamza Ali Abbasi’s recent video. The actor known for his free-speech verdicts highlighted how we should not put our players in the position of feeling any less because of their English speaking skills. He advocated how we need to judge them on their cricket playing skills rather than how they address the situations through words when playing in foreign countries.

Here’s The Video:

As Abbasi suggested, we can always have an English translator to make things easier.

The fact of the matter is that we need to embrace our own people and understand the situation. When PCB is to be blamed when it comes to lack of funding, do people in their right minds think the Board will put any extra effort in polishing their English speaking skills?

Do not mock your own countrymen for a secondary language and embrace who you really are!

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