Pakistan’s Hamza Khan Wins World Junior Squash Championship

Pakistan's Hamza Khan Wins World Junior Squash Championship

KARACHI: On Sunday, young Hamza Khan defeated Egypt’s Mohamed Zakaria to win the global Junior Championship in Melbourne and bring Pakistan back to the top of the squash global rankings.

In the championship match, Khan defeated Zakaria 3-1 with scores of 10-12, 14-12, 11-3, and 11-6.

Hamza Khan Wins World Junior Squash Championship

Pakistan's Hamza Khan Wins World Junior Squash Championship

The previous Pakistani player who raised this trophy was Jansher Khan, who did it 37 years ago in 1986, making this the nation’s first world junior squash championship in almost four decades.

Two consecutive games that went to tiebreakers in the semifinal match between Hamza and Zakaria got the match off to an exciting start. Hamza, though, won the next two games with ease to earn a 3-1 victory.

With a score of 12-10, Zakaria seized the lead in the second game, which lasted 26 minutes.

Another exciting match ensued as the Pakistani, who was trailing 8-10, twice denied Zakaria the crucial game point to even the score at 14-12.

In total opposition to what everyone saw in the first two games were the following two games. Before ultimately winning the fourth game with a score of 11-6, Hamza won the third game in just 6 minutes with no difficulty.

On Saturday, Hamza will compete in the World Junior Squash Championship final. Melvil Scianimanico of France rallied from being two games and a match ball down, but Hamza won the decisive game to advance to the championship match.

Hamza received many congratulations for doing the nation proud.

For bringing the championship back to Pakistan after a 37-year absence, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif celebrated the squash player.

According to Radio Pakistan, the prime minister wished for Pakistan to become “invincible” in the sport soon thanks to Hamza. Additionally, he expressed his congratulations to Hamza’s parents, coach, and squad.

According to Pakistan’s president, Arif Alvi, their dominance in squash in the past was exceptional and unequaled.

“I personally had seen a lot of finals involving our Titans. A renewed glimmer of hope after a long time. Good work, he said.

Following today’s victories in squash and cricket, foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari expressed his anticipation for more sporting achievements from Pakistani athletes.

While congratulating Hamza on his achievement in an interview with the media, squash icon Jahangir Khan also bemoaned the status of the sport in Pakistan.

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