Hamza Ali Abbasi Bashed by Social Media For Congratulating Jeremy McLellan On the Arrival of his Baby

American comedian Jeremy McLellan continues winning the hearts of Pakistanis with his savagery. The comedian welcomed the much-awaited birth of his daughter a few days ago and Pakistanis were rejoicing in his celebration as well.

Congratulations were floating everywhere and the man was over the moon as well. The best thing is how Pakistanis loved every bit of the posting McLellan was making regarding the pregnancy of the wife and the birth of his child.

Jeremy Was Giving his Fans Quite Some Updates As Well


Can We Have a Baby Too?

Given how invested Jeremy is with the current affairs of Pakistan (and we love it), the first picture he posted of his daughter caught our attention.

I Mean…Just Look At THIS Caption!

Meesha Shafi Congratulated Jeremy As Well

But let’s move back to his caption “Mujhe Kyun nikala?” a line which was used by Nawaz Sharif when he was dismissed as Prime Minister of Pakistan for being na-ehl.

Pro-PTI supporter Hamza Ali Abbasi stepped in the celebration as well but most importantly, he had to talk about the caption Jeremy McLellan made on the picture.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Made the Following Wish to Jeremy McLellan While Talking About his Caption “Mujhe Kyun Nikala?”

Someone Tried to Bring the Time Jeremy McLellan Tried to Ridicule Hamza Ali Abbasi

But Hamza Had a Forgiving Remark

Others, Well, They Were Just Mad at Hamza Ali Abbasi for the References He Used

Abuses and More Insults!


Well, Hamza Ali Abbasi did make it a bit too complicated while Jeremy McLellan kept it simple and stayed within the context of the birth of his daughter.

A lot of people believe entertainers are not sound to become too biased towards politics and many share this view when it comes to Hamza Ali Abbasi as well.

On the other hand, once again, a huge congratulations to Jeremy McLellan!

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