People Are Brutally Bashing Hamza Ali Abbasi For His

People Are Brutally Bashing Hamza Ali Abbasi For His Yet Another Controversial Post!

Another terrorist attack – another roar of dejection in countries all around the world. What happened in Manchester was truly a sign of cruelty which continues to prevail. While the West blames the East and vice versa, thousands of lives are put at risk every day.

As soon as Ariana Grande‘s concert ended, there was a bomb blast in Manchester Arena which killed 22 young souls who were there to watch their favorite singer live.

People from all around the world made tweets in order to condemn the vile act that took so many precious lives.

Hamza Ali Abbasi, Pakistan’s very own activist who is never shy to hide his feelings, shared his condolences as well.

One might say this tweet has nothing wrong, but remember how we were always taught that two wrongs don’t make one right? Fitting enough, this is what Pakistanis felt.

There Is Indeed A Way To Put Things In Perspective, Tbh…



Must Be Fun At Parties, Eh?

Indeed, Hamza Ali has spoken against worst of the worst actions without any fear. He has spoken on the rights of minorities irrespective of being banned from the television but the actor doesn’t fear anyone. However, there is indeed a way to reach out to people during the time of crisis and this time, the actor failed to do so.

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