Hamza Ali Abbasi’s ‘Inexpensive’ Wedding Debate On Social Media Will Make You Grab Your Popcorn!

Hamza Ali Abbasi recently tied the knot with his ‘platonic friend’ of 2 years, Naimal Khawar Khan in Islamabad at Monal. It was a small intimate affair with only close friends and family. The couple radiated happiness and pictures personified elegance. After Hasan Ali’s wedding to an Indian girl, this next Shaadi sure became the awaited event, as the sudden news of the most desired bachelor Hamza Ali Abbasi getting hitched to Naimal came as a surprise. However, whether it was a pleasant one or not, is something to be left to the Pakistani women. Haha.

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Hamza wrote a long paragraph pre-wedding announcing his marriage and declaring his love for his then wife-to-be mentioning how they are going to honor the Islamically recommended nikah which is suppose to be simple and small.

The pictures from the day-nikkah were bound to go viral on social media and so they did, leading to a full-blown online debate on whether their wedding really was that inexpensive as Hamza claimed it would be.

But, they made a very gorgeous couple!

And Naimal made a stunning bride.

Pakistanis went sherlock on the details and started debating online.

One user pointed out how the location and the photographers that were booked for the event were not cheap at all including the decor that screamed ‘expensive”!

“Monal is super expensive. Maha is the most expensive photographer in Islamabad. The bride is wearing a designer dress and the wedding set up is super lavish with imported and mehenge tareen flowers. If this isn’t a fat wedding and showing off, I don’t know what is!”

To this several argued saying that Monal isn’t that costly and the renown wedding photographer Maha doesn’t charge a hefty amount as claimed by some.

“Monal isn’t very expensive. I belong to middle class and still been there many times, been to this lounge too. The bride is wearing her mother’s dress with a little bit of renovation, hunni. ”

If these figures are correct then that is not simple at all. Yikes!

From the venue, to photographers, down to Naimal’s dress; everything was discussed and debated on. The fact that she got her mother’s wedding dress freshened up by a designer also added to the debate of their shaadi not being near to simple.

The argument spanned across all major social platforms including Facebook. However, at the end of the day, it is about the graceful nikkah that bound these two souls together and how happy they looked stepping into new chapters of their lives. We wish Hamza and Naimal lifetime of happiness and bliss.

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