Hamza Ali Abbasi Shows He Doesn’t Fear Anyone By Posting Another Daring Anti-PMLN Status

When it comes to Hamza Ali Abbasi, we all know how blunt he is. Never shying away from any political or religious stance, he continues to voice his opinion on social media and urges everyone to understand what message he is trying to convey. This time, it revolves around politics.

Now, once again, when political tensions are high between PML-N and PTI, Hamza Ali Abbasi has spoken up. Like him or not, Hamza fears no one and says whatever goes in his heart.

Here is what he said:

“8 months since Panama Leaks, our system cannot punish a man who holds the highest public office and whose corruption has been proved by documented evidence. Essentially we are giving a free license to the powerful people to do whatever they want with zero accountability. Even a 100 CPEC projects and countless motorways will not be able to save our country if corruption becomes a norm and an accepted practice. How will a nation where corruption isnt a serious crime, stand for Kashmir? I am not a politician, not an office bearer of PTI neither do i want any election ticket. As a PAKISTANI i will be a part of 2nd November Movement even if it means an end to my media career and my fan base. #PakistanZindabad

In recent past, he was banned from Facebook and even had his television show banned by PEMRA for speaking on critical religious and political matters. With the issuance of cybercrime bill, government holds authority to whatever anti-government post you share or spread on social media. Punishments vary according to the level of “treason against the state” that you commit. Nevertheless, Hamza Ali Abbasi has not backed down even a little bit from his offensive stance against Nawaz Shareef’s government.

Here is another of his posts against the present regime:

Moreover, he constantly displays his love for the country by typing down his opinion on the present Kashmir issue and relations with India. He has, on numerous occasions, called on to India to stop its torturous treatment to Kashmiris.

Although 2nd November is still five days away, tensions are building up all over the country. Different political parties are coming out in order to support or criticize what PTI’s Imran Khan is planning. With Sheikh Rasheed roaming around Rawalpindi and building up momentum for the oncoming lockdown, people are getting more and more anxious. Let us just hope situation cools down in a peaceful manner.


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