People Are Losing Their Cool after Hamza Ali Abbasi Brutally Bashes Desi Liberals on Twitter

Desi liberals, a segment of the community defined for its socio-political stance that is often influenced by a jargon of liberalism. It may be ridiculous to absolutely condemn them for their viewpoint. Ideally, most liberals in Pakistan believe their perspectives to be independent, rational, based on equality and liberty. It is also thought to be somewhat secular, having freedom of speech as well as openness to change.

Source: The Express Tribune

However, most liberals in Pakistan do not have the clear picture. They seem to have followed a movement, jumped onboard a bandwagon that they think grants them some rights, which is why they are often profiled as “pseudo-liberals”. Moreover, its cultural profiling has become popular. You know, “it’s cool to be liberal”, which is why many of those who claim to be liberals have a juvenile perspective and are often found to be misleading themselves.

Meanwhile, Hamza Ali Abbasi triggered a major chunk of people once again… In other words: the sky is blue!

Hamza, a popular actor, TV host, and social activist has been very vocal about his social and political stance. He sides with PTI and Imran Khan on his political point of view and is often found to be bashing desi liberals who come forward to allegedly present baseless arguments (according to him).

And again, Hamza Ali Abbasi calls out desi liberals…

*shots fired*

The apparent question everyone would ask…

Wow. So, honest



Is Hamza Ali Abbasi making a good point here? He surely has opened a huge debate here, triggered many people who are calling out on him as well as supporting him. Well, Pakistani social media is surely entertaining with the likes of Hamza Ali Abbasi tripping every now and then, scooping out attention from all squares and leaving us something very interesting to read.

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