Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Tweet about Item Numbers in Pakistani Films Has Struck a Big Debate on Twitter

A day does not pass comfortably without Hamza Ali Abbasi charging a rant on social media. He is a top celebrity who has made to the mainstream tier in a relatively short time and he does not hold back his criticism of anything and I mean anything at all. The celebrity who has given a good piece of acting in various films and dramas has also his own talk show now after remaining in the spot light, discussing political and social issues on his social media profiles.

Any piece of controversy surfaces and Hamza Ali Abbasi’s comments follow. It’s like a cycle we have been used to now. Not suggesting Hamza’s opinions scale to a whole level of nonsense. He is actually quite right about many issues and his opinions are often very enlightening in terms of knowledge. He responsibly plays his role as a celebrity in making the impact by discussing certain grave issues and giving his insight on it. It all tends to educate his fans and followers and we respect it. However, sometimes it backfires when it comes to certain situations. Just yesterday, a bit of controversy sparked when he took to Twitter and decided to comment on the infamous usage of ITEM NUMBERS in Pakistani films.

Here is what Hamza Ali Abbasi said the other day:

Pakistani people reminded him of something…



Meanwhile, people supported him for talking sense


Hamza actually makes a lot of sense. About time some artist with a big influence highlights such a grave issue. What do you guys think about his views?

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