Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Insensitive Tweet About Kulsoom Nawaz Stirs Up A Storm On Social Media

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Insensitive Tweet About Kulsoom Nawaz Stirs Up A Storm On Social Media

On Tuesday 11 November, Kulsoom Nawaz the former first lady died at the age of 68 due to illness. She was diagnosed with cancer last year in August, almost a month after Nawaz Sharif was disqualified. A few months back she was put on to the ventilator due to the sudden cardiac arrest.

After her demise, the social media mourned. People from all over the world said a little prayer for her and blessed her soul. Among them, Hamza Ali Abbasi was one of them. But he went a little twisted with his tweet for condolence of Kulsoom Nawaz.

Here’s what he wrote;

Clearly, he knew that he was wrong; to which he later apologized about him being “insensitive” but did he delete his (in)famous tweet? Not really.

He was too carried away by his hatred towards Nawaz and Maryam, that he almost forgot that there is always a time and situation to say something, no matter how much you hate certain people. But after all he’s Hamza!

After his not-so-very condolence tweeted people started bashing him for his past tweets, that how he’s always questioned Kulsoom’s illness being used for political advances

To a certain amount the very fact is right; that no one’s illness should be used for any political advances. But Hamza, maybe this was not the right time to call the family in grief as bad ones!

He tweeted this long before Kulsoom’s demise; which is now being used to ask Hamza about his “decency”


Oh, yes Hamza. Like you are using the past crimes of Nawaz and Maryam (for which they are already jailed)  at this very sensitive time, others can AT LEAST use your old tweets to tell you, that you are wrong. can’t they?

Maybe delete your tweet and write an apology?

People on the internet went bonkers, right after Hamza said the sad and the bad in his tweet in one breath

Better stay silent than saying something hurtful

It was the government’s decision to leave the family on parole to attend the funeral of the deceased

Many people respected him before his this tweet

Shame it is!

Alas!! What could be done!

It is always better to stay silent when you can’t say something nice; this lesson is taught to almost every kid in its childhood. But now the least could be done is to delete the tweet and write an apology.
What do you guys think?

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