Hamza Ali Abbasi Tried To Defend Yasir & Iqra’s ‘Kissing’ At The Awards And It Backfired Really Badly!

Pakistan’s entertainment industry is quite a debating topic these days. Where many artists from the industry are getting engaged or married, several are creating headlines all over the media. Yet another similar hitching news from the recent Lux Style Awards (LSA) broke the internet but, created a chaotic atmosphere.

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz’s affair had been making it t0 the news in the past as well. Be it there open lovey-dovey attitude or Iqra defending Yasir on different occasions, the couple did manage to stay on-screen every now and then. Yet again, a piece of happy news came-in directly from LSA which triggered a large number of audience.

In the event, Yasir finally proposed to Iqra in a really filmy way dialoguing through the stage and got a confident ‘YES’ in reply. Out of sheer happiness, Yasir hugged and kissed Iqra and the Pakistani awaam asked them to please, get a room. It created a whole new dimension among the masses and several known personalities from the industry also jumped in.

Check out the exclusive *tharak* scenes from LSA!

Well well, where the majority Pakistanis were bashing the Yasir-Iqra duo on their vulgar approach, a famous name from the entertainment industry tried to defend them both. Hamza Ali Abbasi as always was holding a totally different opinion for the couple and actually defended them. The actor tweeted on his official Twitter favoring the Yasir and Iqra’s open showcasing of love.

Here’s the tweet directly from Hamza Ali Abbasi’s brain!

Hamza Ali Abbasi made it clear that he definitely needed some schooling. He quoted some verses in his tweet related to being happy for others but wait, what’s the vulgarity for? Well, the ‘different opinion’ person was nicely bashed by the Pakistani awaam and this is it.

Oops! Ye to LOL ho gya!

So much c****** in a single tweet!

Exactly! One sensible approach!

And here’s the right Hadith quoted!

What now?

Using Quranic references to defend something that should not be defended isn’t good. The thing is people are happy for Yasir and Iqra but their uncontrollable attitude was not something proud. Well, we wish the couple a happy and blessed future together.

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