“Reham Khan Is Defaming Women By Playing the Women Card” – Hamza Ali Abbasi Finally Speaks Up

The general elections are sitting around the corner and the politics are getting dirty day by day. This time, it has been more on attacking each other than the political parties or their works/actions. Things for PTI have gotten ugly – especially with the eliminations and controversial moves made by the party recently.

On the other hand, Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi continue going neck to neck in accusations regarding Reham’s upcoming book.

It All Started When Hamza Ali Abbasi Shared the “Unfortunate Experience” of Reading the Manuscript of Reham Khan’s Book

Things got ugly between the two – a fabricated exchange of emails was shared on social media, families were dragged and vile remarks were passed – all arousing from Reham Khan’s book.

While Reham Khan Hasn’t Addressed the Media Regarding this Entire Fiasco, Hamza Ali Abbasi Went on News Channels to Shed Light on the Things Reham has Written in her Book

In an interview on ARY’s Off the Records, Hamza Ali Abbasi mentioned a number of things regarding the book. He started off by saying how Reham Khan is playing the women card and gets all the support from women activist while she bashed other women. In the book, according to Hamza Ali Abbasi, character assassination of female party workers and female journalists has been narrated by Reham Khan.

Wasim Akram Served a Legal Notice to Reham Khan On What She Wrote About him and his Deceased Wife

Hamza Ali Abbasi also mentioned how Reham Khan has attacked Jemima Khan, Anila Khawaja, Andeel Abbas, Uzma Kardar and other women while she herself plays the women card.

“Aik aurat hu k dosri aurat ka naam uchalna kaha ka activism hai?” “They have children. How can you claim such nonsense for them? Koi shame nahi hai?” said Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Reham Khan Also Hinted How Imran Khan May Not Be Straight!

“Imran Khan gives preference to Hamza Ali and Murad Saeed because they are pretty and they are having some affair,” Hamza Ali claims this is also written in the book.

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According to Hamza Ali Abbasi, the book is a plot against Imran Khan and PTI and he claims it will be released a few days before elections — in addition to how PMLN has backed Reham Khan and her book.

Let’s see if Reham Khan comes forward to address the media.

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