Hamza Ali Abbasi Lauds Feroze Khan’s Decision To Quit Showbiz For Islam!

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Pakistani actor Feroze Khan has recently announced that he is quitting Pakistan showbiz industry for the sake of Islam. Taking to Twitter, the actor issued a statement last week for his fans who had been eagerly waiting for him to comment on whether he has really quit acting.

“My fans have been waiting for a statement from me. I announce that I quit the showbiz industry and will only act and provide my services for the teaching of Islam through this platform if needed else anything but this InshAllah. Request you all to pray for me and my loved ones,” he tweeted.

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has praised Feroze’s decision to quit showbiz. He sends him best wishes for his spiritual journey. “I pray that May Allah help us to keep our intentions pure & give us guidance to spread his message to the best of our abilities and understanding. May Allah bless you brother,” he wrote.

His wife had also wished him all the best. “May this spiritual journey bring more faith in your life and serve the purpose: a proud wife” read the caption on her Instagram story.

However, Feroze will be seen in an upcoming film ‘Tich Button’ which also stars Farhan Saeed, Iman Ali and Sonya Hussyn in the lead roles. The film will hit theatres later this year.

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source: Entertainment Pakistan

Last year, Pakistani celebrities Atif Aslam, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Feroze Khan were seen performing Hajj together. Feroze also took the internet by storm after he posted a picture of himself sitting with Hamza and Atif after the completion of their Hajj.

Hamza Ali Abbasi quits acting to preach Islam

Few months back, Hamza took a similar decision when he quit acting for the sake of Allah. He said that he wants to serve his remaining life to spread the message of Islam.

The actor bid farewell to his acting career for good. He also shared his journey from atheism to Islam in a long video message. In a 23-minute-long video, the ‘Waar’ star shared that he has decided to leave the entertainment industry to follow the path of Almighty.

The actor shared how when he was 14-15, he became an atheist since he could not find answers to who could create such a universe. He shared he had questioned his life. But it was science that made him come back to the religion.

“I thought about it and it came to my understanding that there has to be a Divine power that is controlling all of this,” he said. “That’s how I started reading and then came back to Islam. I found out that there is so much that has to be understood.”

However, in contrast to his statement, Hamza recently said that he hasn’t quit his acting career yet. He said he will work in films/dramas ‘within boundaries Allah has set for us’.

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