Alif Star Hamza Ali Abbasi Tracks Back, Says He Never ‘Quit’ Acting!

Hamza Ali Abbasi quit acting

Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi in a recent tweet said that he hasn’t quit his acting career yet. He said he will work in films/dramas ‘within boundaries Allah has set for us’.

A few months back, the popular actor announced that he is leaving the entertainment industry. He said he will now follow religion and will work on spreading the message of Islam. However, his recent tweet has come as a shock to many.

The Pakistani star responded to a fan on Twitter who praised his acting in his last drama series ‘Alif’. Fans are in love with Hamza’s acting in ‘Alif’. The drama is getting immense popularity after ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’. Following its popularity, Hamza confirmed that he hasn’t quit acting and that he will be returning to it sometime in the future.

Hamza Ali Abbasi alif

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As I said in my video, I haven’t quit acting because I don’t see it anywhere in Islam as being haraam in itself. I just took a long break from acting to give more time to religion & Insha Allah will make & maybe act in projects made within boundaries Allah has set for us,” he wrote.

‘Alif’ mirrors Hamza Ali Abbasi’s life

Earlier, in an interview, Hamza said that Alif is the first project that he did [following his decision to quit acting] because it has Almighty Allah’s message in it.

Furthermore, as per Hamza’s statement media is the most powerful thing in the present time so he wants to use this medium to spread Islamic values. Now, his returning back to the media industry has made his fans excited. Not to forget, a lot of criticisms is also on his way.

‘Alif’ revolves around the journey of a rebellious film-maker [Hamza] and a struggling actress [Sajal Aly] both having disturbed pasts. It shows how both come-across the same path and understand the terminology of the alphabet Alif illustrating the bond of an individual with his God. The drama serial premiered on 5 October 2019 in Pakistan on Geo TV.

‘Alif’ recently became the top hashtag trend on Twitter. Fans took to the social media platform to praise the stellar performances from the latest episode.

Hamza also revealed that his character in Alif mirrors his life in a lot of ways. “My character reflects my real life. It’s about a person who is deeply entrenched in worldly vices and is someone we wouldn’t consider to be a good human being. And then his journey of shedding all those negative things and going towards God and a life which is considered to be a good life. It’s about this transition. It reflects my actual transition from a lot of angles because there was a time when I was a different person and I am a different person now. So, I see a lot of myself in Momin – the character I am playing.”

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