An Ultimate Check List Of All The Essentials You Need To Pack When Going For Hajj!

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For Muslims, Hajj is an essential, fifth, and final pillar of Islam. It is a religious journey that is mandatory for every sane adult Muslim. In 2019, Hajj is expected to begin in the evening of Friday, 9th August and ends in the evening of Wednesday, 14 2019. Around 200,000 Pakistani anticipated pilgrims to perform Hajj in the year 2019.

It is essential to make a checklist for all the items /product s that are necessary to perform Hajj. The following is the comprehensive list of the things that you need to get with you on your journey. All the items mentioned below can be purchased from the local shops near your area, but you can also look for all the things in Makkah and Medina if you
wanted to travel light.

Religion News Service

Travel Essentials

1. Travel Bags
2. Suitcase
3. Hand Carry4. Backpack
5. Drawstring Bag
6. Waist Pouch Bag


Islam Today

1. Water Bottle
2. Nail Cutter
3. Safety Pins
4. Spray Bottle
5. Sleeping Mask
6. Earplugs (Who is disturbed by snoring)
7. Umbrella
8. Alarm Clock
9. Hair Trimmer
10. List Of Contact Numbers
11. Small Torch
12. Note Pad And A Pen


1. Passport including Visa Documentation
2. Proof of Vaccination – You are requested to provide a valid
vaccination certificate against yellow fever and polio.
3. Copies of Passport and Visas
4. Take at least additional photographs with you.
5. Saudi Riyals minimum of 500 riyals for immediate expenses (Draw a budget before departure).
6. Emergency contact numbers
7. Valid tickets
8. Medicine Prescription


Darul Kutub

1. Guide Booklet to Hajj
2. Pocket Quran
3. Duas
4. Prayer Mat


1. Energy Bars / Protein Bars
2. Dates
3. Mixed Nuts
4. Biscuits



1. 2-3 Ihram Outfit
2. 2-3 Hijabs/Cotton Scarves
3. 3 Hijab Caps
4. 3 Comfortable scarf
5. Body and Hand Towels
6. Clothes Pin
7. Sunglasses
8. 2 Abayas
9. Small, Light Bag Or Purse
10. Cotton Pajamas / Tops
11. Flip Flops
12. Socks
13. Undergarments
14. Dust masks
15. Walking Shoes
16. Trainers for longer walks
17. Rubber Sandals
18. Chapstick
19. Sunscreen (Unscented)
20. Hair tie-backs
21. Vaseline
22. Shawl for High AC
23. Appropriated clothing for wearing it in Mina
24. Umbrella

Women make sure you have 5 outfits (one for each day of Hajj). Other than Hajj, make sure that to use one set of clothing for every 2 days.


1. 2-3 Namaz Caps
2. 1-2 Ihram
3. 2-3 T-shirts
4. 2 Pajamas
5. sunglasses
6. 3-4 Shalwar Kameez
7. Sunglasses
8. 1-2 Light jacket
9. Flip flops
10. Sandals
11. Trainers for walking
12. Dust masks
13. Undergarments
14. Umbrella
15. Backpack
16. Drawstring bag

Men make sure you have at least two Ihrams (one extra for a backup). Other than Hajj, make sure that to use one set of clothing for every 2 days.



1. Hajj Guide / Islamic Books
2. Pocket Quran
3. Duas
4. Prayer Mat


1. Body And Hand Towels
2. Coat Hangers for drying the clothes easily
3. Hand Wash Gel (unscented)
4. Hand wipes (Unscented)
5. Sleeping mat
6. Pillow
7. Plastic Bags


1. Sun Cream
2. Tissues
3. Soap (Unscented)
4. Hand Wash Unscented
5. Toothbrush And Toothpaste
6. Hair Care — Shampoo And Conditioner
7. Wipes
8. Surgical Mask
9. Scissor



1. Band-Aids
2. Regular medication if having any health issues
3. Daily Vitamin Electrolyte Tablets
4. Paracetamol/Panadol ( Or any other pain relief)
5. Immunity Boosting Supplements – Vitamins C
6. Eye drops for eye infection
7. Vicks / Strepsils
8. Imodium for treating diarrhea
9. Antibiotics
10. Mini Drug Kit (Allergy, Pain Relief, Anti-Diar rhea or Digestive
11. Ice Packs for the pain relief


1. International Power Adapter
2. 1-2 Charger
3. 1 Old Phone for emergency

Label all your luggage write down the distinctive feature of your bags. In Hajj you will be going with a group, so if you need anything and you can borrow it from your group members. You can always buy things from nearby stores like bin Dawood if you need anything urgently.

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