Singer Hadiqa Kiani Gets Nostalgic About How Bilquis Edhi Helped Her Adopt Her Son

Singer Hadiqa Kiani Opens Up About How Bilquis Edhi Helped Her Adopt Her Son

Following the demises of Bilquis Bano Edhi, the mother of orphans, singer and actor Hadiqa Kiani took to her social media to mourn the painful demise of the mother who bestowed her with a son.

The Raqeeb Se actor, directly impacted by Edhis’ contributions, penned a heartfelt note to remember the “vessel” that brought her to her son, Naaday Ali. The 49-year-old actor, who thought of the late humanitarian as her own mother, shared pictures with Bilquis and her then, baby son on Instagram with a note.

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“Mrs. Bilquis Edihi was a woman unlike any other,” read the caption. “She took the world’s burden on her back and stood up to simply help the world become a better place. I believe that Allah (SWT) made her vessel of aid to people in need.”

“He also made her the vessel, my source, to bring me to my son, Naaday Ali,” the actor further added. “She trusted me with being a mother and I, like so many others touched by Mrs. Edhi’s grace, will forever be grateful. I pray for her peace and I pray her legacy carries on.”

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Model turned event planner Frieha Altaf commented on Kiani’s post to share a memory from the time when she introduced baby Naaday Ali to the entertainment fraternity, a celebration that was attended by Bilquis as well.

“I remember the day at PC when I came to your celebration to introduce your son to the world. I was so proud of you. She was there. She gave you and many others the best gift in the world. She gave hope and life to many families. May she rest in peace and inspire many!” wrote Altaf as she sent prayers for the departed soul.

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Philanthropist and humanitarian Bilquis drew her last breath at a Karachi hospital at the age of 74 on Friday.

Her death was confirmed by her son Faisal Edhi. Bilquis — the wife of renowned humanitarian and philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi — was one of the most active philanthropists in the country and co-chaired Edhi Foundation with her son Faisal after her husband’s passing in 2016. She now has joined her partner in heaven after decades of philanthropic work.

Soon after the news of her passing spread, people from all walks of life, including Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and other public figures, expressed their sorrow for the loss of the renowned philanthropist.

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