Target India! Unknown Hackers Attack Janta TV With A Message ‘Pakistan Zindabad’

janta tv hacked live

It seems like a tit-for-tat game for Pakistani and Indian hackers. It is not just the Pakistani and Indian governments that are usually engaged in constant battles of words when it comes to issues between them. There is another force battling each other in cyberspace. Recently India’s Janta TV got hacked during its live streaming.

A couple of days ago, Indian hackers had attacked two Pakistani news channels. The Indian flag was displayed on the screen with Happy Independence Day texts.

Suddenly the Indian flag and Happy Independence Day text were shown on Dawnnews TV at the start of August. Anonymous hackers hacked the TV channel during an advertisement break. The Indian flag and the message stayed on the screen for a while before disappearing.

The incident went viral on social media following which the management of the channel launched an investigation into the matter.

Soon when the first Pakistan VS England test was about to start last week, Indian hackers hacked the PTV Sports official website.

Indian Janta TV hacked

It must be difficult for the local hackers to bear this all and so now, some pro-Pakistani hackers have attacked and hacked an Indian website Janta TV live streaming.

As analyst Zaid Hamid, “Pakistani hackers attacked the live streaming of Indian Janta TV and posted Ghazwa Hind and Pakistan Zindabad messages.”

It seems that this was a response to Indian hackers for penetrating into Pakistani TV channels.

Hamid claims Pakistani hackers are behind the cyber attack on the live streaming of the Indian channel.

In 2010, a group calling itself the “Pakistani Cyber Army” had hacked into the website of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). They also left a warning message to Indian hackers, according to Reuters. And now the Indian television channel Janta Tv’s live streaming got hacked.

The website remained shut for one day. The group also warned it would carry out the “mass defacement” of Indian websites. Again in 2016, Pakistani hackers had trolled Indian pilots by making them listen too ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ when they landed in Kashmir.

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