This Guy Lost 73 Kgs and His Weight-Loss Transformation is Inspiring for All!

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I am Muhammad Ali Shah and I am here to tell you about the story of my life’s toughest and biggest battle against ‘Obesity’. I come from a family with a history of obesity, but with that, we have a history of fighting and overcoming it. My mom did it, my brother did it and now it’s my turn. I started this journey two years ago with my weight at 170 kgs, after a disciplined and realistic battle, I now stand at 96 kgs. Yeah I know, I have lost a human being and 10 kgs from my body.

When I started, I did not know what I was getting into, my body might have made it without any major scars (minus the odd bruises and muscle soreness) but psychologically I have been battered. Coupled with the tons of fat, I have lost friends; I have lost love and I have lost most things that mattered 2 years ago, but I found the most important thing in the world, my self and by god that outweighs every other thing I have lost.

With so much focus on the physical change, funny enough no one tells you about the psychological changes you should except with major weight loss. We all talk about (a) diet and (b) the workout is the most important thing to lose weight but we never talk about how to keep your psychological stability in check.

When I was, obese I was huge and really big but funny enough I was invisible to the world, now I have lost 73kgs and should feel awesome but I don’t know how “not to feel invisible”. Let me say this out loud and clear, the epic battle that obesity is will only be won with your head in the right place.

After going to hell and back, I don’t want any of you reading this to ever go through anything of that sort. I am here to break stereotypes, to tell you that you can eat yummy food and get rid of the stubborn fat, that you don’t have to rely on salads and green tea to get through this. I am here to make sure no one loses important people in their lives.

My journey is not over yet; I still have goals I need to achieve but I invite you all suffering from weight issues to reach out to me and together let’s kick obesity’s ass. I have promised myself that this vicious cycle ends with me, the younger generations will be healthy and learn from my past bad habits.

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