Pakistanis Are Trying To Find A Good Job For This MBA-Qualified Food Delivery Guy

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Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has engulfed the world with its dreadful grasp we have been witnessing unlimited personal and professional losses. From the sad news of a loved one passing to sole bread earners losing their once secured jobs. This COVID-19 pandemic has shown us some worrisome outcomes.

Similarly, a well-educated guy is now resorting to drastic measures to feed his family as he battles unemployment in these uncertain times.

MBA with 9 years of experience now delivering food

A guy named Saleem, who has been delivering food for a private food delivery company has been trying to make ends meet for his family.

Saleem, who is an MBA, has been working for a private company for the last 9+ years before they let him go owing to COVID-19’s lasting impact on the overall economy.

While completing a delivery, Saleem messaged the receiver pleading for a job opportunity. “I am jobless due to corona, I have to feed my children and pay rent of the house, please if there is any job opportunity in your office kindly let me know.”

The receiver’s heart broke on his helplessness and took to twitter to try to help out the suffering guy.

Saleem is from Peshawar and looking for an honest job to provide bread and butter for the whole family.

Twitteratis to the action!

As soon as this was posted on Twitter, users jumped on the bandwagon to help the guy secure a job.

An act of kindness

Countless people have lost their jobs and livelihood due to this ongoing pandemic. Let us make lives easier for them and their dependent families in any way possible.

Despite too many crimes in the world humanity is still alive. Recently, a video went viral of a strange robbery, robbers returned the wallet and money to the delivery boy and hugged him.


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