This Guy Used His Driver’s Pictures To Make Hilarious Memes And People Are Loving Him!

Often we come across stories of how elitists treat their servants and help in a very poor manner. From treating them inhumanly at restaurants to stuffing them in the trunk of their cars, the help is usually ignored from their basic, ethical rights while working in a household. The majority of the times this happens because the elitists, deep in their mindsets believe they practically own the help.

However, the good exists everywhere, even in the society where majority people are treating their help like callous manner.

Meet Zawwar and His Driver, Ismail

Credits: Zawwar Ahmed

Credits: Zawwar Ahmed

Zawwar is using hilarious images of his driver to make memes out of it. Showing a lighter side of how the help must be treated, Zawwar made a Twitter account called @IsmailReactions in which he uses the images of his driver to make relatable memes.

Zawwar’s driver is more like a family to him. I mean, just look at the guy…

Source: Zawwar Ahmed

Source: Zawwar Ahmed

Ismail posing with Zawwar’s cousin Shahrukh proves how cool the guy is!

So It Started From Here

Twitter: Shahrukh SRB

Twitter: Shahrukh SRB

Ye Kallay Chashmay…Ye Swag!!

Twitter: @IsmailReactions

Twitter: @IsmailReactions

Noticing his style and perfectly display of emotions, Zawwar and his cousin Shahrukh decided to use Ismail’s images to make hilarious memes out of it.


The Evil Sibling. 🙁




Ye Mil K Humain….

LOL @ Maa

Good Morning, Baby? 🙁 🙁 🙁



Bisti Session

Since Parhlo was extremely interested in knowing the curious case of Ismail Reactions, we asked Zawwar to tell us how he came up with this idea. Zawwar told Parhlo how Ismail is working for the family for the last 22 years. While traveling with Zawwar to different places including trips to northern Pakistan, Zawwar and Shahrukh took images of Ismail and with Ismail’s consent, the two made these wonderful memes.

Baby Don’t Hurt Me, Don’t Hurt Me No More

Here’s to hoping Ismail gives us more cool memes and everyone treats their help the same way Zawwar does!


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