Netizens Prank Call 'Tharki Guy' After He Throws His Number At A Girl & She Puts It Up Online

Netizens Prank Call ‘Tharki Guy’ After He Throws His Number At A Girl & She Puts It Up Online

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As you all know, tharkis exist in all forms, shapes, and sizes. They are so desperate that the rule of staying away from strangers does not apply to them. If they see a female specimen with a pulse, you can bet your life they have a thing for her. There is just no evading this and there is no cure either. A recent incident literally proved the audacity of such tharkis. A tharki guy throws a number at a girl and do you know what she did to expose him?

A Pakistani girl just exposed one such creep, who dared to throw his number at her. Little did the guy know that her father was with her. However, he did not notice, and the moment he threw his number, he escaped with his friend in no time.

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Taking to her Twitter, the girl shared the encounter. To make sure that the audacious tharki guy who throws a number at a girl learns a lesson, she exposed him. The girl did not hesitate to put up a snap of his number online. More so, she asked all the users to prank call or message on his number.

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While many applauded her for calling the guy out in public for his unacceptable behavior, one user did not abstain from using the same old and rotten ploy to silence the girl, and asking her to simply ‘ignore it’. Well, no. Those ignorant times are long gone when lips were zipped up from spilling one’s ordeal.

‘This should not be encouraged’, came a befitting response

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Of course, social media does not lack users who enjoy turning the tables and subtly belittle feminists for no reason in particular. One asked, “What if […] a girl did that and her number gets posted in this way?”

Once again came a befitting reply where another user shut him up by saying that no girl would want to throw her number at guys like him. Dare we say, duh.

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Then came the fun part where many people even tried calling on the given number. While he picked the calls of a few, putting two and two together, he must have drawn the inference which is why he stopped picking further calls.

In fact, a few people also found his number to be switched off. LOL! Not-so-poor guy.

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In Pakistan also, tharkis are found in abundance. God knows where these men muster up the guts from. It is sickening.

Just recently some brave girls in Islamabad had also revealed a guy who was following them in Trail 5 while hiking. It is time we break the silence and fight harassment. Another girl in Karachi exposed a tharki uncle who also tried to give his no to her outside a park. More power to you girls!

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