This Guy Tells Us How Unique The Urdu Language Is In A Very Hilarious Manner!

Urdu – the Lashkari Zaban, the language that itself shows the meaning of love, being a mixture of so many ethnicities. Persians, Arabs, Turks and what not – the Language of Army in the 21st century is taken for granted since many now believe that English has taken over the world.

There is no doubt on how powerful English language has become worldwide. What bothers many is how Urdu-speaking countries disregard Urdu language and consider it inferior to other languages. Recently, a lot of people debated on how we judge people based on their English speaking skills.

On the other hand, there are people like Faheem Alvi who are telling us how the Urdu language is everything based on the hilarious relation he is making.

Faheem Alvi

Faheem Alvi

Baby Bae

Say Say Say

Is Any Other Language As Fit As Urdu? 🙂 🙂



Aray Bhaiya!





Hence, The Lashkari Zaban

Glad I am Not The Only Who Thought This

Like Many Pakistanis!

Be-Gunnah Would’ve Also Worked Here, Jbtw

A Pretty Bad One…

On a lighter note, we should be proud of our language and flaunt everywhere instead of feeling ashamed or judging people on not having perfect English skills.

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