This Guy Shares A Story About A Girl Being Gang-Raped And It Is Absolutely Horrible!

Shattered dreams and a broken heart, for a girl, her life stops moving the minute a stranger puts his hands on her, forcing her for something that she knows will leave her wrecked. It is easy to say, “You should’ve been strong. You should’ve run away” but someone who is in a situation as horrible as being raped, only they know how they could’ve managed the devious lust of someone.

Illustrated on Twitter yesterday, Muhammad Hashir Pervaiz shared a horrific story of how a girl was gang-raped.

The dejected reality may be able to pen down from this horrific event is how the girl already knew the guy who was part of the gang-rape. The rape took place in Hashir’s society and unfortunately, like other members of his society, he arrived late at the scene.

And The Horror Begins

The Bitter Reality

Additionally, here’s what Hashir has to add on what happened:

“We were on our internship program… a friend of mine who is working with me resides in a nearby flat. He gets a call from his flat member that there are a bunch of people and a girl who is crying and shouting on an upper floor. When we went there we saw all of this.. an uncle and aunty then bathed her and dropped her to her home or hospital or anywhere, I don’t know. So, I made this thread to warn girls how absurd people are and their intentions.

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Those bunch of people gathered after hearing her screams.. and those rapists flew away before anyone from the society could catch them.”

Relationships have become a normality in our society. With all boundaries in mind, liking someone before marriage is not a sin. In the light of Islam, the wedding of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and Hazrat Ayesha (RA) is a perfect example of it. What bothers the most is how these devious men get away with what they do. The victim will become the talk of the town but why doesn’t anyone question the inhumane creatures who took her sanity away from her?

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