This Guy Takes A Ride In Careem And Discovers Something Astonishing!


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Just recently, I booked a Careem Go mini ride from my workplace towards home.

As soon as the booking reference number was received, as usual, I called the Careem captain asking, “where are you?” He answered the call and as I was talking to him in English, he replied to me in the same language; surely better than mine. Once he arrived and we started our journey, we had a regular chat throughout the ride.

I came to know that the guy was a marine engineer; graduated from the UK, and driving Careem because he didn’t get any job.

He told me that he has been waiting to join the ship for 7 months now but there has been nothing so far. He said he was falling towards depression while sitting at home hence he ended up doing some work.

via driving school

Furthermore, I asked him why he came back and he said, “bhai aik misal hai shayad suni ho ‘dor ke dhol suhane;’ the life you get in Pakistan is way better than anywhere in this world. Udher jao tou lagega pata. I won’t say I’m absolutely right, it’s just my opinion. It can vary from person to person lekin ye fact hai; life in Pakistan is surely more overwhelming.”

He was such an open-minded person! On asking, “how do you feel about it, like graduating from the UK and ending up in Careem?” He answered my question with a smile on his face, saying, “halal hai na, bass kaafi hai.”

I asked him if I could take his picture; to add it on my story so that people could get inspired ke koi kaam chota nahi hota but he refused, saying, “Inspiration khaali story se he miljayegi. Picture daalne se sirf sympathy ziada milti hai jiski zaroorat nahi. Naseeb ki baat hai saari, InshaAllah dua karna aap bhi.” He, therefore, wished to stay anonymous.

I would like to request all of you as well to pray for him. Allah uski mushkilaat ko dur kare. Ameen!

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